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The Rockin' H Ranch

The Rockin' H Ranch is situated on 135 scenic riverfront acres in Sonoma County, California. This unique property boasts top-notch horse training facilities, acres of productive vineyards, wild bird wetlands, airstrip, and mountain views. Read More

Horse Training

Having trained with some of the most respected and successful cutting horse trainers, reining horse trainers, and cow horse trainers, Keli Hendricks offers a vast horse training background.
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  Ted Robinson

"If you're looking for an education in cutting horses or cow horses but still want to have fun, then Keli Hendricks will give you the friendly yet professional horse training expertise to get you there."
-Ted Robinson
Seven-time Snaffle Bit Futurity winner
Two-time Worlds Greatest Horseman

Cutting Clinics and Reining Clinics

Experience the thrill of riding a finished show horse in the exquisite wine country of Sonoma County...and all you bring are your boots! Whether you are a competitive rider in a different equine sport or a cutter or reiner or working cow horse rider wishing to improve your skills, you will leave a better equestrian after your visit to the Rockin' H Ranch. Read More

Featured in Cutting Horse Chatter

The march, 2008, issue of Cutting Horse Chatter featured Rockin' H Ranch's Cutting horse Clinics and Reining horse Clinics.
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