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Cutting Horse Clinic Day 1 - Friday
On Friday we will begin at 9 am, so it is best to fly in Thursday afternoon or evening. We’ll provide a light breakfast of coffee and donuts. The morning session will be spent matching cutting horses and riders and working on correct positioning by doing some preparatory dry work. After lunch break, we will mount up and work the mechanical flag as well as fresh cows. We will finish by 4:00 pm.

Cutting Horse Clinic Day 2 - Saturday
On Saturday we will begin again at 9 am and continue refining our skills with cattle. Learning will come not only from each individual's works, but from watching others' works. We'll talk about scoring, penalties and prepare you for your first cutting show. The day will end by 4 pm.

Cutting Horse Clinic Day 3 - Sunday
On Sunday students will compete against each other in a friendly, low-stress judged show. We'll talk about what judges are looking for and how to get the most of a cutting run. The day will end with a barbeque and awards presentation. We’ll finish by 3:00 to accommodate those of you who will be flying home that day.

Our goal is that you leave with significantly more knowledge, experience, and confidence after your equestrian vacation. Instruction will be thoroughly explained in a safe environment. Book Reservations or Ask Questions.

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Cutting Horse Clinic Itinerary will vary due number of days booked


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