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"I've ridden hunters and jumpers my entire life but I always wanted to try cutting. I'm so glad I did.  I loved it!"  
Sandra Jensen
Clinic Participant

How much do the clinics cost?   Our 3-day scheduled cutting clinics cost $2000. In winter months (November - April), we offer a discounted rate of $1700. Our private clinics cost $500 per day per rider. Our winter rates for private clinics cost $400 per day per rider. We require a $200 deposit to secure dates for all clinics. We accept cash or checks in U.S. dollars only with the balance due to be paid upon arrival.

How do I book a clinic? Contact us or fill out our reservation form and let us know the type of clinic you are interested in and the dates you wish to attend. If we have the dates available, you can secure them with a deposit.

When are clinics scheduled? Clinics are available at all times by booking a private clinic. Reining clinics and cow horse clinics may only be scheduled via private clinic. Cutting clinics are available as both private and as 3-day scheduled clinics. Click here to view our scheduled cutting clinics.

Who may attend?  We pride ourselves on accessibility to our clients; therefore, we are encouraging most skill levels to attend--even those whose riding experience may be other than the sport of cutting or reining.  If you can hang on at a lope, you can ride a cutting horse or reining horse.

Where can I stay?   A variety of hotels and restaurants are a short drive away--only 5 miles. View our Lodging Page for a variety of options.

What should I bring?   It may be warm (70-90+ degrees), so we recommend a hat, long sleeve shirt, comfortable riding boots (slick, no tread) and jeans. Don't forget sunscreen. Bring a light jacket for the evening as the fog may roll in. Cowboy hats: afternoons can be breezy, so make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time; otherwise, a baseball cap works fine. For winter clinics, be sure to bring a warm, water-resistant jacket and bring layers. Winter daytime temperatures from the 40's up into the mid 70 degrees.

What should I expect?   You should expect to have the unique opportunity to ride a quality, finished cutting horse or reining horse with expert help and top-notch facilities. Expect to learn not just from your own experience but from the experience of others riding in the clinic with you. Space is limited in order to provide individual attention. Only 6 may attend. Also,we ask that participants email us the week prior to their clinic so we may get get contact information, discuss start times, and tie up loose ends.

Can I bring my own horse?   Sure. But we strongly believe you’ll get the most out of the experience by riding a horse different from your own. Our horses are proven show horses; we’re confident you'll enjoy your experience by learning on them. However, If you have a broke cutting or reining horse you would like to bring instead, you may do so by making prior arrangements with us.

May I schedule a private clinic?   Yes. Private clinics are available upon request and are subject to scheduling availability. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a private clinic. View our Private Clinics page.

How do I get there? Driving directions may be found here.

"Keli really improved my cutting skills and kept if fun too.  I showed at my first NCHA show shortly after and won 2 checks."  
Lori Johnston
Client, San Luis Obispo, CA


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